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 You Can use the following java chat to join in or if you have a
regular mIRC Client you can go to

server -
ports - 6667,7000
room -

 Please be Courteous to other people in chat. This chat is open to all ages, please be aware that chat in here is NOT censored and it is quite possible to read something that you should'nt, you may also be able to request files from others if you have regular irc available above. Above all else, have Fun!

 The below chat may or may not work in netscape 4.0 and above,
I had to rework some files to make the chat work with Tripod servers.
Jpilot jIRC applet only supports Netscape4.0, IE4.0 or above.
Please grant permission when the pop up window appears from Netscape and IE or you will not be able to enter chat.