Neo Mercury's Shrine/Midi Page
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Proud Partner Of Kaze no uta Midi House

Mercurys Protector:ThunderStrike

Konnichiwa!, I am the Keeper Of
this page, Neo Mercury, Please
Sit Down And Leave Your Shoes at
the door. I hope you enjoy your stay and will visit again, Please remember to sign the guestbook on the way out.. Arrigato !

Hello There,This Page Was Last Updated on
8-16-00, I have 296 midis Listed In The SailorMoon Archives. I Am Now Starting
On My Shrine Section Dedicated To
Sailor Mercury. Below You will find
A Link To Ami's Bio,And A Photo Section
Of Ami's Pictures.

There Is Also A New Section Being Added Called "Realm Of The Phoenix, Which is My husband's area, it will feature links to various Video game and Anime REal Audio Music, all Made by him, Along with his own Mirc Script that he's been working on, so go in and take a look.

I Have Decided To Expand My Midi Collection To Other Various Anime(Dont Worry Sis, I'm Not Trying To Move In On Your Territory) For Those Who Are Confused Now, Sis Is Actually Bellis, The Owner Of Kaze no uta Midi House, Whose Banner Is Shown Above, We Have Recently "Adopted" Each Other as Online Sisters..Go And Visit Her Sometime, It's Because Of Her That I Got Started In this Myself. I Plan On Expanding My Current Midi Collection Beyond SailorMoon And Plan On Offering Real Audio Songs Also... Till Next Time!!
-Konbanwa !

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