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Sailor Mercury's Bio -

Japanese Name: Mizuno Ami
N. American Name: Ami Anderson
Birthday: September 10th
Age: 14
Astrological Sign: Virgo
Blood Type: A
Favorite Colors: Aquamarine, light blue
Likes: Books, chess, Greg
Dislikes: Practical jokes
Hobbies: Reading, computers, playing chess
Favorite Food: Sandwiches, anmitsu
Least Favorite Food: Yellow-tail tuna
Favorite Animal: Cat
Favorite Subject: Mathematics
Least Favorite Subject: No such thing!
Strong Points: Intelligence, strategic capabilities
Voice Done By: Karen Bernstein
School Attending: Crossroads Junior High, with Serena and Lita
Order of Joining: Ami was the second Sailor Scout
Home Environment: Ami lives with her mother, a pediatrician
Favorite Sport: Swimming
Future Vocation: Ami is training to be a pediatrician, like her mother
Quick Fact: Was once told that her IQ was near 300

Special Powers -
Mercury Star Power: Ami says this to transform into Sailor Mercury.
Mercury Power, Make Up: Ami also says this to transform into Sailor Mercury.
Mercury Star Power, Make Up: Another phrase to transform into Sailor Mercury.
Mercury Crystal Power, Make Up: She says this to transform into Super Sailor Mercury.
Mercury Bubble Blast: Ami says this in order to generate a misty fog of water bubbles that reduces the visual range of enemies. This generally confuses them, making them more vulnerable to attacks.
Shabon Spray: This is Sailor Mercury's attack.
Mercury Ice Bubble Freeze: Ami says this to use her bubbles to freeze an opponent.
Mercury Ice Storm Blast: Ami says this to generate a blast of ice crystals. This will usually freeze opponents and/or objects, preventing them from moving.
Shabon Spray Freezing: This is Sailor Mercury's powered attack.
Shine Aqua Illusion: This is Sailor Mercury's new attack.
Mercury Aqua Rhapsody: This is Super Sailor Mercury's attack.

Ami also has a hand-held supercomputer, which she uses to analyze enemies and devise attack strategies, as well as a virtual reality visor, which helps her avoid hidden traps and illusions.

More Information -

 Ami is the brains behind the Sailor Scouts and never fails to rise to mental challenges. Her intelligence being near that of a genius, she can solve most of the problems thrown against her, both by the school board and the Negaverse. Academically, Ami is at the top of her class and her work habits tend to suggest she will stay there. As well, Ami is in a better position to understand Serena than most of the other scouts and is therefore the most patient and sensitive when it comes to Serena's little tantrums. In a general scope, Ami brings the idea of "mind over matter" into play the most often.

 For a description of Ami, one doesn't have to look any farther than the description for a Virgo; she is a perfect match. Ami is one of those people who, outwardly, seems to be a bit on the cold side, but inwardly is very warm and loving. Her image in the eyes of others does not concern her as much as it does some of the others, but she is always neat and tidy, never to be caught unkempt or dirty. It is hard to pry into the mind of a Virgo, and Ami definitely doesn't make the job any easier, but her love life does give a few insights. She had a lot of difficulty showing her feelings for Greg at first, and it was not until he made the first move that she would admit anything to anyone. This is not so unusual for first time relationships in junior high, but one has only to look at the other scouts (especially Serena) to see the difference in approach. Ami is also one of those people who has no concern for her own physical well being and will work so hard that she will hurt herself. This is an unfortunate trait that will help her through school, but that she will have to learn to cope with in adult life unless she wants to risk ulcers, heart disease, and the like. Ami's intentions and devotion to the other scouts is formidable, but she often goes overboard in the workload, making her a tricky character to get close to. However, she is definitely the most mature scout and not one to be overlooked.

 In the Sailormoon Series, Amy just seemed to automatically fit in most of the time. None of the other scouts questioned her or her abilities and she was content to have the others rely on her when they couldn't fend for themselves. All the scouts liked her and she liked herself; she was happy with her life.

 During Sailormoon R part 1, Amy gave the impression of being preoccupied more often than the others. This was probably due to the fact that exam time was coming up, and from future episodes, we can infer that she was anticipating her move to Germany. It is possible she was trying to detach herself from her friends to a certain extent to soften the blow of her leaving, though she did not do it very well or conspicuously at all. However, this is not to say that Amy was less active as a Sailor Scout, only to say she had other concerns as well.